Since computers and the internet first hit the market, it is unquestionable the extent to which technology has infiltrated almost every aspect of our lives. Most of our day-to-day activities rely heavily on computers and mobile devices as a way of communicating, organising and researching. Consequently, we find ourselves staring at screens for the majority of our day.

It is no surprise than that people have recently been turning to other forms of media, that don’t involve screens, for entertainment. Recent studies have found that there has been an increasing interest in podcasts over the past few years. According to Edison Research’s Infinite Dial report, The Podcast Consumer 2019, the percentage of individuals who listened to podcasts increased to 51% last year compared to 23% in 2010, equalling an estimated 144 million people.

If you are unaware of what podcasts are, here’s the simple definition: podcasts are a series of audio conversations that focus on a particular topic. Podcasts are a way to engage with others on a personal and authentic note. Interviewers are able to discuss particular topics that will interest a target market, delving into the finer detail of that topic, as a result of the more lenient time restrictions, than what you would usually have with other forms of media like video. Podcasts are often more than 30mins in length, allowing ample time for insightful conversation to take place.

Like any new media from, there is currently plenty of opportunity for businesses to take advantage of the unsaturated marketing potential of podcasts. They are not only a great way to build a personal relationship with listeners, but also to raise brand awareness for your business. With more ears on podcasts than ever, now is a perfect time to take action with podcasts, opening up a new way of  connecting with potential clients, team members and current customers.

The Portable Podcast Production by Yolo Media is Australia’s newest podcast service, offering Australians comprehensive support from the initial strategy to the final production and editing stages. Offering on-demand digital audio creation, as well as video opportunity, Yolo Media wants you to turn your skill and wisdom into a profitable and licensed podcast...and fast. Enquire today and kickstart your Podcast journey.


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