Covid-Safe Content; Live-Streaming

With ‘distance’ as the new social norm, businesses and people have had to adapt to new ways of living and surviving. One of the changes relevant, is to events. Current and future restrictions imposed create an uncertainty with numbers of guests, types of events allowed to be held, and ways of celebrating. From corporate events, to weddings, social events to school celebrations, the way in which we gathered has changed for good. 

In saying this, we explain why Live-Streaming may just be the best thing you considered for these types of events. 


Engage your audience directly with video streaming to their phone or laptop. Whether you are limited to 100 guests in a room, your online audience can be as large as you wish! Each guest can experience the entire event in the comfort and safety of their choice, whilst you can carry on with your planned event in the flesh. 


Many contracts prior to COVID times failed to mention the terms and conditions surrounding force majeure (when an extraordinary event takes place), and therefore caused frustration amongst the contract. This caused many people to lose money or event dates due to cancellations. With the option of live-streaming your event, don’t lose anything. Keep your date, and your money, as you inform guests of current restrictions and the change of event conditions. 


Change up the style of the event to involve those who are live-streaming. Stream videos or presentations to their screens, as you choose what to display to your online guests. From current happenings in the event room, to engaging video content, cast whatever content you wish your audience to experience at that point in time. 

In saying all this, one important note to consider when live-streaming is video quality. It is essential to have high-quality video streaming should you wish your use experience to be of the highest grade. From quality to camera placement, live-streaming should be done right for the best outcome and event experience. 

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