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Yolo Media provide premium Content & Marketing services, scheduled on a month to month basis, so that you can reinforce your brand narrative as it evolves.

Filming a campaign for our client Amped Automation

interactive & engaging content: from you to your chosen audience

Here's how:

We consistently create specific, engaging content for you on a monthly or one-off basis, which drives brand awareness in desired segments.

We create synchronised, multi-medium content so you can reach your audience in a relevant manner, wherever they might be.

Production we specialise in

Brand / Promotional Video

Show the world who you are with a brand or promotional video. Whether for a website, marketing campaign or across social media channels, combine a broad array of visual and audio clips to cast an intimate portrayal of your brand, evoking a resonant familiarity in your audience.

Educational Video

As one of the most effective tools in education, video will engage your audience and provide insight to services. From conception to the final product, we will help you to create an informative and highly-engaging educational learning experience through all forms of media.

Testimonial Video

It’s time to build trust and strengthen your relationship with your audience. Spanning from testimonials to internal case studies, these documented, analytical videos will provide genuine feedback that allow vital insight to your audience.

Event Coverage Video

Offering comprehensive event coverage, our team will work within a range of dynamic environments to authentically capture the moment. A corporate event, live-streamings, a seminar or even a social celebration, let us capture lasting footage that will leave a memorable impression on your audience.


Whether it be photography to compliment websites and social pages, event photography, or corporate headshots, our experienced production team knows how to snap the right shot.


Podcasts are becoming increasingly necessary to inform the interested consumer. The medium caters to this audience with a more relaxed, long form style of candid conversation (that can be re-contextualised into short clips). In addition to audio, we opt to film podcasts to create multi-platform consistency between your content. Also, we come to you!

you're in good company

We’ve created content for the world’s leading brands, so we’re experts at making you look world-class.

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We create content for all platforms & mediums


Shine a light on your company and drive engagement with your B2B audience through our tailored LinkedIn approach.

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Find the Explore page, trend in searches; Don't be left at the bottom. Capture your growing audience with scheduled content that necessitates engagement.


We deliver curated audio and visual content to inspire listeners through innovative podcast production techniques, as well as a focus on authentic storytelling.


Go into depth, and introduce educational and inspiring video to capture attention and encourage action.


Stay connected with customers and businesses alike through high quality content created to influence markets and spark discussion.

Website & App

It's all about first impressions! Present your business as an Industry Leader through an up-to-date and interactive online profile to convert viewers to customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important for my business to post regular content?

In a market constantly inundated with new businesses, it is essential to stand above competitors and make your mark in a saturated industry. By posting regular content, your business is constantly engaging the market and being remembered.

What do you mean by “content”?

Content is the strategic marketing approach and material generated to represent your brand online. Whether it be social media posts, imagery, podcasts, videography or website layouts, content is produced to distribute value and relevance.

Do you service businesses of all sizes?

Yolo Media services any size business, whether it be a start-up, small-medium sized company or a large corporation. We have worked with companies at every stage of the business lifecycle, and have liaised closely with clients to strategise on which content is most suitable for their business size.

What type of content should I have created for my business?

The type of content that you should have created is determined on many business factors. This can include what industry/s you specialise in, the market you are wanting to target, the message you want to portray, as well as what budget you may have. Our team are able to finalise these specifications with you, and come up with a most suitable content strategy.

How do you know what to budget for content creation?

Depending on your marketing budget, we usually recommend a minimum of 30% dedicated to content creation, depending on what type of content you want to represent your brand. The approximated cost is usually determined when our team are in contact with your Marketing Manager.

Why does my business need to post high quality, professional content?

Nowadays, consumers are able to judge businesses by how they are presented online. Statistics show that people are more likely converted when a business successfully presents their products/services in an engaging and professional way.

Why is video so important?

Consumers love videos as it is entertaining content that’s easy to digest and engaging. Video content is also extremely accessible in today’s society, as anyone who has access to a mobile device or the internet, will be able to view this form of content.

I am new to marketing, where do I start?

If you are only recently enquiring with a marketing strategy or content creation, our team will organise a FREE consultation to discuss the best road to take for your business. We will look at your industry, market and business goals, to determine the best suited strategy.

If I only need a few pieces of content, for example a website video,  is there a non-monthly content option?

Yes, at Yolo Media we are able to work on a project specific brief to which you require one-off pieces of content. We do not require a lock-in contract and can create as many projects as needed.

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