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So you were looking to have content created for your business social and digital channels. You engaged with Sydney’s leading media firm, Yolo Media, and are excited to have refreshed, unique and high quality content created. But what do you do now? Whilst Yolo Media endeavours to assist a client in every stage of their content creation journey, there are a few things that could be done to help clarify certain stages in the interim. Here is how you can prepare your business for content creation:

Location Scouting

If your content is relevant to a specific location or place, it is vital that this is shown through the storytelling. Whether you are looking to film an ‘About Us’ video, an online ad or just looking to have social media fillers created, telling your story in the relevant location will always add value and help strengthen the brand identity. If certain locations have meaning to the content you are looking to have made, it is essential that these spaces are sourced and made known to the media company prior to filming. This will ultimately ensure that the brand is further accentuated and that the audience relates the content to a particular location.


It is without a doubt that storyboarding lowers production risk in many ways. From the timeline, budget, appropriate media channels, concept and action, having a storyboarding phase for your content creation project will aid in visualising ideas and identifying possible errors before they happen. To spend some time storyboarding with the company who will be creating the content for your business, you are ensuring that the process of filming goes smoothly and encounters as little hiccups as possible (if any!). Storyboarding is also used as a blueprint to keep your course updated in the future and to ensure that what is created is exactly as imagined.


To ensure the perfect content is shot, scheduling is essential. Before creating content for marketing, a company must consider their schedule to find out how much content needs to be created to fill the schedule. This ensures that no last-minute call outs or disappointment with the content shot. Once a schedule has been created, the company who will be shooting the content will be able to gather understanding of the amount they will need to create. Additionally, it will benefit the business in terms of having the schedule set out for marketing. Just use a scheduling application to place the new content in the relative scheduling days/times and get started on your next campaign.


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